The ‘Soulstone Survivors’ Ritual of Love’ Event

The Ritual of Love is a limited-time event in Soulstone Survivors, a popular action RPG. This event, which occurs only once a year, provides players with the opportunity to acquire rare goodies and put their talents to the test against waves of fearsome enemies. This tutorial will teach you all you need to know about the Ritual of Love.

What is the Soulstone Survivor’s Ritual of Love?

The Ritual Of Love is a unique event that unfolds with the beauty of spring in the magical realm of Soulstone Survivors. This yearly holiday, which is similar to Valentine’s Day, was originally featured in the Omen of Spring expansion. It’s a period when the Soulstone Survivors’ world is brimming with love and wonder.

But what precisely is the Love Ritual? It’s an enthralling event steeped in history and mystery, inspired by an ancient rite that taps into the Soulstone’s power. The Soulstone, a mysterious and rare diamond, is recognized for its power to protect and guide its owners, restore shattered hearts, and rekindle lost ties.

The Whispering Grove, a map that serves as the backdrop for this one-of-a-kind event, lies at the core of the Ritual Of Love. It’s a gathering area for players to participate in an exciting PvE game style centered on killing adversaries summoned from a central altar. The countdown begins when the altar is triggered, and waves of opponents must be defeated to succeed.

The quest for a heart-shaped gem concealed beneath the Whispering Grove is the event’s conclusion. Destroying this crystal is no easy feat since it wakes Camor, the Lovable Archer, a strong boss that remains unaffected until you confront his heartbound totems, the Pylons.

Your job is to guide Camor’s arrows to eight of his Pylons and kill them. When you’ve smashed all eight of these love-struck totems, the Ritual Of Love event comes to an end. You not only gain new abilities and achievements, but you also witness the renewed romance of love.

Exactly what was the purpose of this event?

– A Celebration of Love

The Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love event is more than simply a game; it’s a festival of love, a powerful annual event that remembers loved ones who have died. It’s a time for reflection, connection, and a celebration of the enduring essence of love. This ceremony may be tailored to meet individual requirements, beliefs, and cultural differences, providing attendees with a one-of-a-kind and joyful experience.

– The Journey from Despair to Hope

This ritual takes you from despair to optimism, and from loss to love. It entails a succession of significant actions, beginning with cleaning in a body of water outside to signify washing away sadness and sorrow. Participants then form sharing circles to recall and share memories about loved ones who have died. Dance, a joyous expression of life and love, concludes the celebration.

– Symbolic Gestures of Love

This ceremony is built around profound symbolic gestures that express the essence of love. Couples exchange soulstones to symbolize their strong emotional and spiritual bond. As gestures of mutual care and support, candles are lighted, water is poured into an empty vase, and ribbons are wrapped around wrists. It’s a lovely way for couples to show their love and devotion.

– Healing for Survivors of Suicide

The Ritual of Love is an important part of the healing process for people touched by suicide or the death of a loved one. It provides a secure place for survivors to gather, commemorate their loved ones, and express their support. It’s a two-hour event filled with compassion and empathy for all family members touched by suicide.

– A Gaming Adventure

Soulstone Survivors’ Ritual of Love is more than simply a ceremony; it’s also a thrilling gaming experience. It includes a variety of locations, monsters, seasonal skills, and achievements. However, it might be daunting for newbies. This guide will assist new players in understanding how to participate and the rewards available throughout the event.

– Connecting with Others

The Ritual of Love is about connecting with others as well as healing oneself. This ancient practice brings souls together and assists individuals in navigating the complicated emotions connected with loss, providing closure and purpose. It’s a ritual that enables participants to show their love and dedication to one another, so deepening their relationships.

– Healing Through Ritual

The Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love is an effective way for couples to connect spiritually, cope with loss and depression, and deepen their bonds. It provides a sense of community support, connecting couples who have gone through similar experiences. This healing ritual offers a path to emotional recovery.

When does the event occur?

Mark your calendars, because the Ritual of Love Event only happens once a year. It usually begins in late March and lasts for 2-3 weeks. For the exact date, keep a look out for news from the Soulstone Survivors team. Planning ahead of time is essential to ensuring that you are prepared to face the obstacles that this occasion presents.

Who Can Participate in the Event?

The Ritual of Love is open to players of all skill levels. However, to fulfill all of the milestones and receive all of the rewards, you must have a well-developed character and equipment. In the months leading up to the event, prioritize updating your equipment and developing your talents. Bring potions, boosts, and coordinated group strategies. This is not an event for those who are easily frightened!

How to Perform the Ritual of Love?

The Ritual of Love is a one-time-only event in Soulstone Survivors that grants players access to rare skills and awards. Follow these steps to effectively finish the ritual:


You will need the following to attend the event:

  • Whispering Grove Map – Only available during the event, this beautiful spring-themed map houses the ritual altar. It may be unlocked by beating bosses on earlier maps.
  • Curse Intensity: 34+ – The higher the intensity, the harder the struggle, but also the bigger the benefits. Aim for 34 or higher to unlock all achievements in a single run.
  • Optimized Build – To counter the constant waves of foes, equip weapons and skills that excel in crowd management, survivability, and indirect damage.

Steps to Perform the Ritual

  1. When the event is live, navigate to the Whispering Grove map.
  2. Navigate to the map’s bottom left corner. On a sign near an altar, look for a heart-shaped gem.
  3. To start the ceremony, destroy the gem. This causes the boss to appear.
  4. Camor will come and launch a bleeding arrow assault. While doing damage, try to avoid his bullets.
  5. An invulnerable pylon containing a crystal will appear anywhere on the map after 2 minutes.
  6. As you destroy foes, more pylons will surface. There are a total of eight pylons to demolish.
  7. Manipulate Camor’s shots to hit and destroy the pylon crystals.
  8. Taking out all eight pylons completes the ritual and unlocks prizes!

Tips for Success

  • Use crowd control and kiting tactics to manage Camor and add waves.
  • Have teammates lure Camor toward pylons while others deal damage. Coordinate!
  • Keep moving and use the map terrain to obstruct punishing arrow attacks.
  • Stay patient and focused. It may take multiple attempts to destroy all pylons.

Completing the Ritual of Love necessitates talent, endurance, and collaboration. You’ll be able to harvest all of its lucrative unlocks with practice and the appropriate methods!

How to Participate in the Event

To participate in the Ritual of Love, please follow these instructions when the event is live:

Step 1: Start a New Game on the Whispering Grove Map.

This beautiful map is only available for the duration of the event. When queuing, be sure you choose it from the menu. Keep an eye on the event start time so you can participate as soon as it is live.

Step 2: Locate the Altar in the Map’s Center.

In the center of Whispering Grove, there will be a ceremonial altar. Look around until you find it. The altar is surrounded by an eerie luminous atmosphere.

Step 3: Engage with the Altar to Begin the Event

Approach the altar and activate it to begin the Love Ritual. This causes adversaries to spawn, which you must defeat. Prepare for a fight before you begin!

Step 4: Defeat the Oncoming Waves of Enemies

When triggered, the altar will create groups of adversaries indefinitely. You aim to defeat the waves in the allotted time. Enemies will drop buffs and boosts to help you.

Step 5: Participate in the Event to Earn Rewards

If you win, you’ll be rewarded with event points and treasure based on your performance. These can be used to purchase limited-time incentives.

Tips for Completing the Event

Success in the Ritual of Love necessitates talent, planning, and strong collaboration. Keep the following suggestions in mind:

  • Use your most potent skills and equipment straight away. Nothing should be saved!
  • Crowd control skills such as stuns and snares are quite important for keeping track of all the foes.
  • Collaborate with teammates to focus fire, combo skills, and maintain battlefield dominance.
  • Persistence is essential. To complete all of the achievements, the event may require numerous attempts. Never give up!

The Rewards of Ritual of Love

Now let’s look closer at some of the rewards up for grabs during the Ritual of Love:

Seasonal Skills

These magical abilities provide unique effects you can only gain during this event. Here are a few examples:

  • Heartseeker Arrows – Fires arrows that prioritize enemies with low HP.
  • Twin Soul Bond – Tethers you to an ally to share damage taken.
  • Lovelorn Lament – AOE attack that charms enemies to fight for you temporarily.


Complete these challenging feats to earn medals displayed in your profile:

  • Ritual Novice – Complete the event for the first time.
  • Ritual Expert – Complete the event with no deaths on your team.
  • The Ritual Master – Finish the event in 15 minutes or less.

Permanent Unlocks

If you accumulate enough event points, you will be able to obtain the following long-term rewards:

  • Heartthrob Skin – A set of cosmetic armor with lovely floral textures.
  • Cherub Familiar – A heavenly companion who assists you in combat.
  • Title(“Ritual Champion”) – Honorable profile title for your hard work.

Wrapping Up

The Ritual of Love is one of Soulstone Survivors’ most exhilarating and gratifying unique events. This challenging yet intriguing game mode gives you more than just strong seasonal talents and unique achievements—it allows you to put your skills to the test against dangerous adversaries and demonstrate your devotion to mastering this action RPG.

While the underlying notion of destroying ritual pylons by manipulating an epic monster is straightforward, success in the Ritual of Love needs considerably more than a casual familiarity of Soulstone Survivors. It demands patience, smart thought, and finely tuned reflexes perfected over countless hours of playtime.

Those who put forth the effort to finish the ritual, however, gain more than simply loot—they gain the pride and pleasure that comes with completing one of Soulstone Survivors’ most challenging accomplishments. The path to success may be paved with failure, but with enough determination and talent, you, too, can emerge victorious and earn the title of Ritual Champion.

So, when the Ritual of Love returns this year, be ready to put your skills to the test. Hone your talents, gather your party, and prepare for battle with the philosophy of never surrendering. Any survivor brave enough to heed the ritual’s call will be rewarded with glory. Will you be one of them? The time has come to inscribe your name in the annals of history.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Soulstone Survivors Ritual Of Love event last?

The Ritual of Love is a two-week yearly limited-time event in Soulstone Survivors that takes place from February 13th to February 26th. Players can enter the exclusive Whispering Grove map and attempt the ritual as many times as they like within the event timeframe. After the event, the map and ritual are no longer playable until the following year.

Can I perform the Ritual of Love with other players?

Yes, the Ritual of Love can be completed in either single-player or multiplayer co-op mode. Grouping up with other players makes it easier to manage the relentless waves of enemies and coordinate pylon destruction.

What is the optimal party size for the event?

Most players recommend a full party of 4 players as ideal. This allows you to cover more ground, manage ads from all directions, and focus fire on pylons more quickly. That said, the ritual can be completed with any party size if you have the skill.

What level should my character be to complete the Ritual of Love?

While there is no minimum level, we recommend being at least level 45-50 before attempting the event. Having a robust set of upgraded skills and gear helps greatly in surviving the relentless enemy waves.

What rewards can I earn from the Ritual of Love?

Completing the event lets you unlock special seasonal skills, achievements for your profile, permanent cosmetic unlocks, and consumable buffs that provide big boosts during the event itself.

Do I need to finish the event in one run?

No, progress carries over between runs. You can slowly work on destroying pylons over multiple attempts until all 8 are eliminated to complete the event.

What happens if I fail the event?

If you die or fail to destroy all pylons before the time limit, you will have to retry from the beginning. But any pylons destroyed will remain destroyed when retrying.

Will the Ritual of Love be available again in the future?

Yes, the Ritual of Love is a seasonal event that returns for a limited time each year, usually during spring. Be sure to take advantage each time it appears!

Is there a way to make the event easier?

Playing co-op can make completing the ritual more manageable. Coordinate carefully with teammates to control enemy spawns and focus fire on pylons.

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