How to Heal Your Lost Inner Child: Rediscover Joy

In our ever-accelerating and occasionally overwhelming world, it’s all too easy to lose touch with our authentic selves. One facet of our being that can quietly fade into the background is our inner child – that reservoir of innocence, curiosity, and boundless joy.

“You’re not alone. With the assistance of psychologist Dr. LePera’s research on the inner child, we’re here to guide you in identifying the wounds that may have affected your inner child — and, more crucially, how to commence the healing process.

So, let’s delve into the art of healing your lost inner child, guiding you toward the rediscovery of unbridled joy.

Identifying the Emotional Scars

Before embarking on the profound journey of healing our lost inner child, it’s imperative to first recognize and acknowledge the emotional scars that may have led to its disconnection. Childhood traumas dashed hopes, and the weight of societal expectations can all play a part in stifling our inner child’s vibrant presence. The healing process begins to take shape as we pause to recall our prior experiences and identify those times when we were emotionally unsettled. We may restore our relationship with our inner child and pave the route for a better future based on this self-awareness.

Develop the Play and Creativity Spirit

Returning to fun and embracing our intrinsic creativity can help us open the door to our inner child’s world. This reconnection has the potential to be a profound and transforming event. Painting, dancing, or even playing a round of childhood games can be our key to reawakening that latent, childish energy within.

It is in our best interests to set aside regular time in our schedules for these pleasurable pastimes to purposefully provide a safe space for our inner child to awaken from its slumber and spread its wings of self-expression. We permit ourselves to explore, to laugh uncontrollably, and to dance to the beat of our hearts as we embark on this creative journey, all while uncovering the genuine essence of our inner child.

Encourage Playfulness and Creativity

Reconnecting with our inner child is a fascinating journey that frequently begins with the rediscovering of fun and the cultivation of our natural creativity. This reunion has the potential to be transformative, instilling fresh vitality in our spirits.

We can awaken the slumbering childish spirit within us by engaging in activities that fire our joy, whether it’s the touch of a paintbrush on a canvas, the rhythm of dancing to our favorite tunes, or the pure exhilaration of playing games.

Consistency is essential. We create a dedicated space in our lives for our inner child to step forward, shedding inhibitions and expressing itself with unbounded freedom, by intentionally devoting time in our lives to these pleasurable pursuits.

Self-Compassion and Positive Self-Talk Have Healing Power

A vital step in our journey to resurrect our lost inner child is cultivating self-compassion and positive inner dialogue. Often, the scars held by our inner child can be traced back to harmful ideas or harsh judgments we received as children.

We extend to ourselves the same love and understanding that we extend to others when we practice self-compassion. This gentle method gradually replaces old, negative behaviors with a deep sense of self-love, acceptance, and encouragement.

We begin to change the screenplay of our inner dialogue through this transforming process, making it a source of unwavering support and affirmation. This shift in viewpoint allows us to heal those lingering traumas and, as a result, encourage the flourishing of our inner child, creating an environment in which it may thrive once more.

Rediscover the Magic of Childhood Passions

Our journey to heal our lost inner child involves a heartwarming reunion with the passions and interests that once defined our childhood. This rekindling can be profoundly transformative, akin to breathing life back into a long-forgotten flame.

Whether it’s dusting off a musical instrument we once cherished, immersing ourselves in a beloved hobby, or simply finding solace in the embrace of nature, revisiting these activities offers a powerful means of reconnecting with our inner child.

In these moments, we are transported back to the very essence of who we are at our core – that place where joy is unfiltered and unburdened, where curiosity reigns supreme. By embracing these experiences, we reawaken the vibrant spirit of our inner child, allowing it to once again dance freely in the tapestry of our lives.

Rekindle the Wonder and Curiosity Flame

Children have an intrinsic capacity to marvel at the most mundane things, a trait that frequently disappears as we grow older. We must actively foster a sense of wonder and totally embrace curiosity if we are to find our lost inner kid.

This deliberate decision to approach life with open hearts and broad eyes allows magic and joy back into our everyday lives. It’s like rekindling a long-extinguished spark.

By doing this, we recapture the wonder in everyday life and perceive the world through the same enchanted prism we did as children. This metamorphosis allows our inner child to once again savor the rich tapestry of our existence by bringing back its unlimited joy and zest for life.

Set Your True Essence in Harmony

Practically speaking, connecting with your source is an intentional path that has life-changing benefits. Here are some practical suggestions to help you move forward on this revolutionary path:

  1. Daily Joyful Pursuits: Seek out an activity that fills you with pure, unadulterated joy and make it a daily ritual. Whether it’s painting, playing an instrument, or something as simple as a walk in the park, prioritize this connection to joy in your routine.
  2. Embrace Playfulness: Approach life in the spirit of playfulness. Be lighthearted, accepting, approving, and appreciative of the experiences life offers you. Let your inner child shine through your interactions with the world.
  3. Celebrate people: Enjoy the company of people and show your joy in ways that are genuine to you. A kind remark, a genuine smile, or a genuine compliment can make not only your day but also the lives of others around you better.
  4. Limit Media Exposure: Reduce the time you spend absorbing the constant stream of worrying news from the media. Protect your mental space and prioritize information that nourishes your well-being.
  5. Play for Fun: When you engage in games or competitions, keep the spirits light and playful. If things start to get overly serious and competitive, find ways to inject a sense of lightheartedness and fun back into the activity.
  6. Seek Uplifting Companies: Surround yourself with people who uplift and inspire you. Positive connections can significantly contribute to your alignment with your source.
  7. Daily Dose of Joy: Incorporate a daily dose of joy that transcends the analytical mind. This can be achieved through music, art, the appreciation of beauty, or by immersing yourself in the natural world.

You’ll experience the enormous fulfillment that comes from reconnecting with your genuine identity if you follow these practical steps and allow your inner creativity to thrive.


To summarize, the journey to rediscover and restore our lost inner child is a profound and transforming adventure that invites us to reconnect with the essence of our being. Recognizing our scars, totally embracing playfulness, developing self-compassion, rekindling our childhood passions, and embracing inquiry opens the door to a life full of wonder and delight.

This road of self-discovery and healing enables us to peel back the layers of conditioning and cultural expectations, allowing our real selves to shine once more. It’s a voyage of bravery and resilience that promises the genuine joy and fulfillment that we all deserve.

May we all find the courage to embark on this holy path, because by healing our lost inner child, we uncover a treasure trove of joy and authenticity that sits inside us, ready to be loved and treasured.

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