Ludo Champion

Become a Ludo Champion: Insider Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Become a Ludo Champion: Insider Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Board games are designed to offer a unique fun experience every time you play! These games always have something to surprise you. For instance, the outcomes of rolling a die in Ludo are not predictable. This is what makes Ludo an exciting board game for all ages. If you want to become a Ludo expert, you must learn how to use such unpredictable outcomes and become a professional player.

Ludo Champion

What is the best way to always be at an advantage while playing Ludo? What should you do if the opponents surround your tokens? Worry not, as this list of tips and tricks will help you become a champion Ludo player in no time.

Best Tips and Tricks to Play Ludo Online

1. Design a winning strategy at the earliest

You must download a Ludo app online when you want to participate in a competition at your convenience. Every app offers exclusive variants of this board game to choose and play. Hence, your first step in this fascinating world is to learn the rules of a Ludo variant. Here is what you need to understand.

The conventional Ludo gameplay with a board and tokens takes a long time to complete. On the other hand, Ludo variants in mobile apps are designed to finish a game within a few minutes. So, you aim to understand how a variant is played and where you can always be at an advantage.

You will roll dice and move your tokens like the opponents, but your approach must differ. Your Ludo game strategy is what will make a difference. So, understand the rules of a game and define a strategy. Find out how to make the first move and protect your tokens. Morph your plan according to the situation and decide what to do. Keep your strategies flexible throughout a match to make subtle changes and win.

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2. Unlock the tokens as early as possible

Every expert’s winning strategy begins to unlock all the tokens as early as possible. Remember, the conventional rule of Ludo suggests you can open a token by rolling a six. You will also get another chance to roll the die. Imagine you are in a position where you can attack an opponent’s token by rolling a six but have locked tokens at your house.

What will you do? Consider the positions of your tokens and the opponents. If the opponent’s token is closer to the final destination, it is ideal to attack it. If you have more tokens locked, open one and let the opponent go. Decide, considering your situation, and aim to unlock all your tokens right away.

3. Covering the Ludo board with tokens

Ludo is the perfect representation of a battle simulation with four soldiers. The opponents will have the same army and moves to make. It all depends on what move you choose to make after rolling a die. Hence, your second focus should be distributing your soldiers throughout the battlefield.

There is no point forming a cavalry sticking your tokens together, and increasing the chances of being attacked by the opponents. Keep your tokens distributed and cover the entire board. It means you will hold formidable positions on the board and make the opponents feel intimidated to move. For instance, keep your tokens behind the opponents to make them think twice before moving theirs. Such a position will help you to control the entire board and make exceptional winning decisions.

4. Block the opponents using safe zones

Every Ludo board has safe zones to use. Here, your tokens can rest safely with the rest. These zones are distributed throughout the board. Reaching these safe zones is an added thrill when opponents chase you. You can also do the same. So, how can you block an opponent’s token when your tokens are being chased? Reach the safe zones before the opponents and hold it there.

Let the opponents think of passing through the safe zone and proceed ahead of you. They will feel reluctant to cross the safe zone and stay ahead of you. If they do, you can chase and attack their tokens advantageously.

5. Always keep your tokens away from each other

Safe zones are great locations to use during a high-tension Ludo match online. Remember not to keep two or more Ludo tokens in the same zone. One token is enough to block the opponents’ tokens. You can move your tokens away from them by keeping one token in a safe zone between the opponents and yours. Always keep the tokens on the move by securing only one in a safe zone. 

6. Always take care of your highest-scoring token

Many Ludo variants offer points by checking how the tokens move on the specified track. It means that the speed Ludo variants decide a winner based on the movement of tokens and whether they have reached home safely. So, your prime aim is to protect your highest-scoring token with your might to score more than the opponents. 

Check the scoring system and understand the dynamics. This way, you can aim to score more by moving tokens forward and avoiding attacking the opponents. Focus on the gameplay and protect your top-scoring tokens at any cost.

7. Choose which token you want to get killed

How can you choose when the opponents can kill two of your tokens? This is a situation where you will feel extremely confused and might make a mistake. Think like a Ludo champion and make a remarkable move. Remember, you will have to sacrifice a token to save another. Check which token has moved the farthest and sacrifice the other one.

You can also check which token is in a more advantageous position considering all of the players’ tokens on the board.

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Become a Ludo Champion and Win Exciting Prizes!

Follow these tips and tricks of the Ludo experts to become a Ludo champion in no time. You will need to practice remembering these tricks and applying them in an online Ludo game. Download a suitable app and find a variant you want to play. Develop your skills and define a winning strategy. Keep participating in high-stake Ludo contests and win cash prizes.

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