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The 11 Best Amazon Prime Shows You Can’t Find Elsewhere

“Good news for Amazon Prime members: an enormous collection of amazing movies, Screenplays, and TV shows is now available for streaming.” While Amazon is well-known for being an online retailing behemoth, it is no longer simply about purchasing. Like streaming titans such as Netflix and Hulu, the firm has gone into original content creation.

While Netflix continues to create content at a rate that no single individual can keep up with, Amazon Prime Video has maintained its position as the home of a few must-see original shows. The main issue is that the platform’s complex menus may make finding the proper series feel like a quest at times.

Currently, Amazon has an unusually wide and great selection of films, some of which have received Academy Award nominations. With a growing library of amazing material and more on the way, we’ve prepared a list of the top ten movies accessible exclusively on Amazon Prime.

Published on 28 October 2023. Although Amazon’s focus might not be largely on the cinematic scene, its relatively new movie studio has been actively growing its repertoire with remarkable entries over the previous several years. From riveting dramas like ‘Sound of Metal’ to evocative period pieces like ‘Mr. Robot,’ Prime Video now provides a more diversified and fascinating collection of movies for your watching enjoyment.”

#1. Mr. Robot (2015): Where Intrigue Meets Introspection

Mr. Robot

“Mr. Robot” has amassed a passionate fan base throughout four riveting seasons. Elliot Alderson, a security engineer with a secret life as a hacker, is at the center of this intricate story. What is his mission? To decipher the complicated web of mystery and conspiracy that surrounds one of the world’s most powerful and enigmatic corporations.

What sets apart “Mr. Robot” is its multidimensional storytelling. Beyond the high-stakes plot, the series digs deeply into its characters’ inner lives. This dynamic method adds layers of complexity to the story, turning it into a rollercoaster of interest and reflection.

Mr. Robot, the eponymous character, orchestrates a strategy to challenge and transform society, employing his hacking abilities to complete a series of tasks that will keep viewers completely enthralled. The tension between the greater societal upheaval and the people’s particular difficulties and aspirations provides a fascinating tapestry of storytelling.

As you watch “Mr. Robot,” you’ll be lured into a world of secrets, intrigues, and intriguing personalities. The series keeps you on the edge of your seat as it delves into the shadowy worlds of technology, power, and the human mind.

#2. The Lost City of Z (2016): A True Adventure Story

In the 2016 film “The Lost City of Z,” Charlie Hunnam plays British adventurer Percy Fawcett, a compelling part. This historical adventure film follows Fawcett’s unrelenting search for a secret metropolis deep in the heart of South America.

Fawcett sets out on this voyage with the express intention of exploring South America’s unexplored lands. As he travels farther into the bush, he begins to suspect that he has discovered remnants of an ancient civilization that has been concealed from the world for generations. Fawcett’s steadfast faith in this finding is extremely inspirational. It serves as the central theme of this incredible true narrative.

We see Fawcett’s results bounce between enthusiastic acceptance and scathing suspicion from his peers throughout the film. What impresses me is Fawcett’s unwavering drive; even when presented with overwhelming uncertainty, he never loses hope.

Charlie Hunnam’s depiction of Percy Fawcett is nothing short of spectacular, perfectly capturing the soul of this mysterious adventurer. He is backed up by an all-star ensemble that includes Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland, all of whom provide terrific performances.

One of the film’s strongest points is its ability to create the ideal mix of drama and adventure. It keeps you interested without getting mired down in extraneous information, making it very delightful viewing.

#3. The Handmaiden (2016): A Unique Blend of Heist and Romance”

The Handmaiden

“The Handmaiden,” a 2016 film, is an intriguing mash-up of the heist and romance genres. This intriguing narrative follows a young woman who becomes involved in a conspiracy to defraud a wealthy woman of her inheritance. However, as the narrative progresses, a deep and unexpected romantic relationship between the two evolves, full of mystery and passion.

“The Handmaiden” is a rollercoaster of twists, turns, betrayals, and stunning revelations, to avoid giving away too many spoilers. The strength of this picture resides in its ability to keep a tight grasp on the story, keeping the spectator engaged at all times. The intricacy of the tale seldom interferes with its clarity, unless the objective is to purposely keep the audience guessing.

Despite the possibility of misunderstanding in a plot that combines such disparate genres, “The Handmaiden” effectively weaves these themes together to captivate viewers from beginning to end. The story twists to keep the audience on the edge of their seats, waiting to see how the complicated web of lies and deceptions unravels. The romance in the novel gives the characters a realistic and human depth, anchoring them in the middle of the chaos.

“The Handmaiden” is a must-see for everyone looking for a unique and compelling cinematic experience. It is one of the outstanding films accessible on Amazon Prime.

#4. Paterson (2016): A Quiet Masterpiece by Adam Driver


Shortly after playing Kylo Ren in “The Force Awakens,” in 2016, Adam Driver’s career took a very different turn with the movie “Paterson.” This film offers audiences a welcome diversion from the Star Wars universe’s grandeur by providing a close-up perspective of an ordinary man’s daily existence.

“Paterson” chronicles a few typical days in the life of its title character, a man who leads an incredibly boring life in a chaotic world. While he takes comfort in the regularity of his routine, his wife is always changing and hopping from one pastime to another.

Shortly after playing Kylo Ren in “The Force Awakens,” in 2016, Adam Driver’s career took a very different turn with the movie “Paterson.” This film offers audiences a welcome diversion from the Star Wars universe’s grandeur by providing a close-up perspective of an ordinary man’s daily existence.

“Paterson” chronicles a few typical days in the life of its title character, a man who leads an incredibly boring life in a chaotic world. While he takes comfort in the regularity of his routine, his wife is always changing and hopping from one pastime to another.

“Paterson” is a poetry enthusiast’s secret treasure that shouldn’t be overlooked. The video is moving and thought-provoking because it skillfully combines the art of rhyming with the art of life.

#5. You Were Never Really Here (2017): Joaquin Phoenix’s Riveting Departure

You Were Never Really Here

Joaquin Phoenix plays a very different part in the 2017 film “You Were Never Really Here” than he does in other of his more well-known roles. He plays a kind of private investigator who specializes in finding missing women and children. He has a nasty habit of taking extreme revenge on anybody who gets in his way. But when a job goes wrong, Phoenix’s character finds himself in a dangerous predicament where he has to protect his newest client and expose a massive conspiracy at the same time.

Although this concept may lead one to expect an action-packed movie, “You Were Never Really Here” adopts a different strategy by mostly avoiding the conventional battle sequences. Rather, it concentrates entirely on the drama. This choice subverts assumptions and offers a deeper examination of its characters’ emotions, which has a fascinating impact that keeps the spectator interested and engaged.

The film’s strength is its ability to add layers of intricacy to the story while conveying a significant amount of information through implication and suggestion. This provokes viewers’ critical thinking and greater engagement with the narrative.

“You Were Never Really Here” is a thought-provoking film for people who enjoy intellectually and emotionally challenging films. For those looking for a more intellectual movie experience, it’s a must-watch since it blends interesting characters with a tangible feeling of tension.

#6. The Big Sick (2017): A Heartfelt Tale of Comedy, Love, and Resilience


One of the best movies available on Amazon is “The Big Sick,” a masterpiece starring the gifted Kumail Nanjiani. The movie explores the life of an American Muslim who wants to become a stand-up comedian. But when he meets a young woman who becomes very ill early in their relationship, his life takes an unexpected turn. In addition to being a beautiful work of film, this moving story of self-discovery, love, and humor is based on Nanjiani’s own experiences.

“The Big Sick” has an intensely intimate tone. Because Kumail Nanjiani wrote about and portrayed his own experiences, the story has an honest quality that appeals to audiences. The film masterfully navigates a rollercoaster of emotions, effortlessly shifting between moments of laughter and tears.

With remarkable grace, the connection between Kumail and Emily is shown, engrossing viewers in the development of their love and the difficulties they encounter. We can’t help but identify with Kumail’s journey as we see him reassess his goals and decisions in the face of hardship.

Special recognition should be given to the supporting cast of “The Big Sick” for their exceptional work, which earned actor Ray Romano an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Their efforts give the movie more depth and realism, which improves the whole viewing experience.

One of the best original films available on Amazon Prime, “The Big Sick,” is one you should watch if you haven’t already. For anyone looking for a narrative that will make them laugh out loud and tug at their emotions, this touching and humorous trip is a must-see.

#7. Cold War (2018): A Captivating Love Story Amidst the Chilling Tides of History

Cold War

In the wealth of serialized TV historical dramas available on Prime Video, “Cold War” sticks out as a powerful historical drama that immerses viewers in the turbulent period that inspired the title. This gripping movie, which offers a distinctive viewpoint on Cold War events through the eyes of a single couple, opens in the dismal aftermath of World War II.

It must be said that the film’s background is gloomy, reflecting the unrest and uncertainty that characterized the world at the time. But it’s precisely this foreboding mood that adds to “Cold War”‘s completely captivating experience. The story revolves around the intense love story between a singer and a musical director, which serves as an emotionally compelling focal point for the audience.

“Cold War” by director Paweł Pawlikowski is proof of the ability of film to convey the nuanced aspects of anti-war sentiments. The film explores a time in history characterized by political unrest and ideological conflicts in a visceral and thought-provoking way thanks to its spectacular photography and clever narrative pacing.

This film is a monument to the enduring power of love in the face of hardship, not merely a historical drama. Despite the bitter winds of change, the human spirit endures during this turbulent period in history, as the “Cold War” encourages spectators to join them on their trip.

#8. Carnival Row (2019): A Captivating Fantasy Series

Carnival Row

“Carnival Row” is a television series that had big promises at the beginning and lived up to them with a strong first season that explored issues of race, class, and immigration in a fantasy setting where humans and fairy refugees cohabit in danger. Sadly, the COVID-19 epidemic significantly hampered the production of its second season, which turned out to be the last one. Still, you get a succinct package of eighteen masterfully produced episodes to enjoy.

The first season of “Carnival Row” presents us with Orlando Bloom’s character, human police inspector Rycroft “Philo” Philostrate, and Cara Delevingne’s character, fae Vignette “Vini” Stonemoss, who was formerly his sweetheart. An exciting story is set against the backdrop of a city full of secrets and gaslights, where a string of horrific killings occurs.

As the destitute fairy community boldly stands up for its independence in the second season, tensions rise and Philo and Vini find themselves on opposite sides. Viewers are captivated by the intricate character interactions and the dynamic plot from week to episode.

“Carnival Row” is known for its quasi-Victorian style, which is exemplified by elaborate prosthetics and makeup for the characters. It’s one of the most inventive television shows in recent memory, drawing viewers into a magical yet sinister universe. To truly enjoy the series’ stunning visuals, make sure your TV can handle deep, rich contrast levels since the show frequently goes toward a darker color palette.

#9. One Night in Miami… (2020): Regina King’s Powerful Take on History

“One Night in Miami…” represented a big milestone for filmmaker Regina King, since it was adapted from playwright Kemp Powers’ 2013 stage piece of the same name. This praised effort not only demonstrates her directorial abilities, but is also her maiden excursion into feature picture direction. The film’s distinct approach to historical fiction distinguishes it.

“One Night in Miami…” tells the story of a real-life meeting involving four legendary figures: Malcolm X, Jim Brown, Sam Cooke, and Muhammad Ali. They gathered to celebrate Ali’s championship bout triumph. This cinematic reconstruction of their encounter is an engrossing investigation of the personal problems and obstacles that each of these great individuals endured at this critical juncture in history.

The film expertly combines reality and fantasy, offering audiences an intimate and introspective look into the lives of two extraordinary men. The direction of Regina King pushes us past the surface of their public identities, diving into the deeper, more intimate fights they were fighting at the time.

“One Night in Miami…” received great accolades for its ability to mix a fictional tale centered on these historical characters with an in-depth exploration of their individual and communal difficulties. It’s a monument to storytelling’s enduring power and ability to shed insight on the human condition.

This film is a must-see for everyone who enjoys historical dramas that provide a new perspective on renowned characters and the complexities of their lives.

#10. The Lord of the Rings (2022): The Rings of Power


“The Rings of Power,” a thrilling new series, looks deep into J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth’s complex past. This ambitious production set millennia before the events of Tolkien’s renowned core books and films, covers the important events of Tolkien’s Second Age. This adaptation’s visual language is inspired by the legendary cinematic universe of “The Lord of the Rings.”

While the story covers several strands, the majority of the focus is on Galadriel, played by Morfydd Clark, as she starts on a mission to find Sauron, Morgoth’s servant. This character-driven plot is only the tip of the iceberg in this sprawling epic saga. “The Rings of Power” weaves together a tapestry of events and ideas, including the dramatic fall of Nmenor, the complicated and sometimes acrimonious politics between men, elves, and dwarves, and the creation of the hazardous rings that would play a vital part in the larger tale.

“The Rings of Power” has undoubtedly prompted heated conversations among fans and critics alike. What is undeniable is that Amazon went to great lengths to create this epic, making it the most costly TV show ever created. The end effect is a visual masterwork that immerses viewers in the grandeur and complexity of Middle-earth.

While the final decision on the unfolding plot is still pending, the series promises an unrivaled high-fantasy extravaganza. “The Rings of Power” is a beautiful tribute to the grandeur of Tolkien’s cosmos for those seeking a majestic trip through a realm of magic, myth, and epic war.

#11. The Terminal List (2022): Action Thriller Movie Based on Jack Carr’s Novel

The Terminal List

“The Terminal List” is an interesting TV series based on Jack Carr’s captivating novel. The plot revolves around a former Marine, played by Chris Pratt, who struggles with the lingering symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after returning home from a mission that attacked his company.

In the middle of his own troubles, he learns the presence of an evil power actively working against him, and this nefarious scheme endangers his loved ones. With each episode, viewers are led on a thrilling adventure, uncovering fresh secrets and mysteries.

This show’s outstanding cast gives the characters more nuance and realism, which is one of its best qualities. Viewers are drawn into the Marine’s turbulent and intriguing world by Chris Pratt’s performance, which is both riveting and realistic.

Fans of the thriller and action genres should not miss “The Terminal List”. A gripping addition to your watchlist, this high-octane series keeps you on the edge of your seat with every episode.


Navigating the multitude of options in the age of ubiquitous streaming may be difficult. Amazon Prime stands out as a standout choice, providing a treasure trove of amazing shows from every genre, ensuring you’re well-prepared for weekend marathons and nice nights in.

The low cost of Amazon Prime membership makes it even more tempting. You have access to a wide and diversified collection of exceptional performances for a very modest fee. Furthermore, this collection is continuously updated with new releases, guaranteeing that there is always something new and fascinating to add to your watchlist.

So, if you’re searching for a streaming platform that offers amazing value while also providing an ever-expanding library of high-quality material, Amazon Prime is an excellent option. Prepare to be delighted for days on end by a plethora of entertainment possibilities.

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